Property Management

Our property management service combines components of the maintenance of real estate with asset management, thereby offering an added-value alternative to the classical property management service.

Our services include:

  • Responsible, professional real estate management under internationally comprehensible terms and ensuring the fulfilment of proprietorial responsibilities
  • Administration of lease relations, customer service and the management of cash flows
  • Regular measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Organizing maintenance, consumption and support services for properties, along with quality control
  • Organizing the exchange and archival processing of site-related information
  • Organizing construction and repair works for properties
  • Drawing up a strategy or business plan, incl. considering the goals for exiting the investment
  • Regular budgeting
  • Organizing, realizing and monitoring the compilation of energy efficiency plans for properties
  • Preparing reports with different levels of detail and frequency
  • Analysis of emerging site-related data and calculations aimed at improving the key indicators of the building
  • Site- or company-based accounting, cost and income accounting
  • Keeping in mind the continued optimal use of the property and maximum realization of its potential

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