Tenant Representation

Our tenant representation experts help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements.

We offer our services in all sectors of commercial real estate: retail, office, industrial, and warehousing. Our aim is to provide exceptional services for our tenants: renewal of the lease contract or relocation.

Renewal of the lease contract includes in-depth market analysis and the analysis of comparable offers for our client. The aim is to provide the client with a better overview of the market situation vs. their already existing premises.

Relocation is always a tough decision for a tenant. Our aim is to provide thorough market knowledge to our client, and to help them execute a tender process to find the best available solution on the market.


Urmo Utar

Head of Brokerage

Phone: +372 5300 1121

Email: urmo.utar@bptre.com

Department: Brokerage – Tallinn

Urmo joined BPT Real Estate (BPT) in 2016  and is responsible for providing high-quality brokerage services and devising new services that the market needs.

Prior to joining the team at BPT, Urmo spent almost 2 years as the commercial real estate broker at Pindi Kinnisvara.

Urmo works proactively to find tenants or buyers for the objects and he consults clients on operations. He also conducts lease contract negotiations.

Urmo studied Marketing at the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

Rafał Ziółkowski

Country Manager (Poland) & Property Manager

Phone: +48 22 455 8591

Email: rafal.ziolkowski@bptre.com

Department: Management – Warsaw/Tricity

Rafał Ziółkowski is a Country Manager and a Property Manager. Rafał manages the BPT Real Estate (BPT) branch in Poland and is also tasked with the organization of the management of office and commercial buildings managed by BPT in Warsaw and Tricity.

Rafał joined BPT in 2011 as a Property Manager in the Polish business unit. Rafał has 15 years of experience in managing a wide diversity of buildings and also in real estate brokerage.

Apart from managing properties in Warsaw and Tricity, Rafal is supervising the development of our largest project – Young City in Gdansk. He is constantly investing in the expansion of the Polish branch of BPT by actively seeking new clients and opening more departments, e.g. he recently created a lease brokerage division.

Prior to joining the team at BPT, Rafał managed 4 office buildings owned by UBS fund. For 5 years prior to this he was a real estate broker with a specialization in the Warsaw market.

Rafał is a licensed Property Manager, he graduated from Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarowania Nieruchomościami, where he acquired knowledge of the real estate and property management market.