BPT contributing to the creation of a unique seafront area of Tallinn


Over the next few years, the Noblessner industrial area, located on the territory of the historic submarine factory in Tallinn, will be transformed into an integral life, business, and leisure environment that is open to the sea. BPT is working on mapping the suitable businesses that would fit with in the seaside concept and add even more value to the area.

Fifteen hectare territory to be transformed into a versatile urban space with a unique atmosphere. Historic industrial buildings will be renovated and a carefully planned seaside residential quarter will be built onto the territory of the current shipyard. Moreover, additional access for cars and light traffic will be completed next year. At the same time, the marina will also be expanded and a new breakwater built. The harbour area, which has been closed for years, will go through a rebirth, adding a great deal to the city and bringing people closer to the sea.

Substantial investments over the coming years will cover the renovation of three historic industrial buildings and the establishment of a new town square and promenade. In the first stage of residential real estate construction within Noblessner, the BLRT Grupp, in co-operation with Merko Ehitus, will be building four seaside apartment buildings with amazing views. In total, more than 200 apartments and around 3,700 m² of commercial premises – suitable for restaurants-cafés as well as other businesses that are suited for a seaside environment – will be built. The first building, the closest to the seaside in Estonia, shall be ready by the end of 2017, with the rest of the buildings being completed by the end of 2018.

Watch a video on the future of Noblessner or find out more here.

Commercial premises information: eduard.sorokin@bptre.com and urmo.utar@bptre.com.