BPT has prolonged Delfi media group lease agreement in BC VERTAS


BPT has prolonged Delfi media group lease agreement with expanded premises and a new location on the ground floor in BC VERTAS.

Delfi news portal has been a client for BPT since May 2007 under the lease agreement of almost 600 sq. m. of office premises. The news portal and its media group teams have been growing continuously and this year we are happy to announce the Delfi media group lease prolongation as well as the current premises expansion. The group will be settled in a 1300 sq. m. premises which are more than double in size that the company has had previously. 

In the autumn 2014 the 1st and 7th floor of BC VERTAS building will be refurbished into a “Modern Delfi group media centre”. There will be workplaces installed for over 150 group’s employees in the open space premises with 5 meeting rooms, 2 coffee bars, 7 creative thinking spaces such as an amphitheatre, a library, and a few lounge zones. The new office has been designed as a creative space for an effective communication. Moreover, the office’s workplaces will be flexible and it may change according to the media group’s needs. BPT is assisting Delfi in the fit-out organizing and movement activities.

Delfi is a major internet portal in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine providing daily news, ranging from gardening to politics. It ranks as the most popular website among Lithuanian and Estonian internet users. Delfi media group in Lithuania consists of a various web portals such as www.moteris.lt, www.cosmopolitan.lt, www.panele.lt, www.manonamai.lt, www.tavovaikas.lt, www.klubas.lt, as well as a magazines publisher “Ekspress leidyba” and a newspaper ”Alio reklama”.