BPT renames itself Northern Horizon Capital


BPT Asset Management announced today the rebranding of its investment management business – the group’s asset and property management division will continue under the BPT brand.

One of the leading real estate investment managers in Northern Europe, the firm has reached a point in its development where the scope of its operations has outgrown its current brand. The new brand represents both an already existing presence, as well as further ambitions in all countries bordering the Baltic Sea. It also supports a broader definition of real asset investment products, as demonstrated by the recent launches of Healthcare II and Farmland funds.

“The separation of the investment and property management brands supports the independent evolution of these businesses within the Northern Horizon Capital Group. It allows them to fully realize their potential”, says Michael Schönach, the Group CEO of Northern Horizon Capital. “The new Northern Horizon Capital brand also signals the completion of a merger integration started back in 2011 including BPT’s and Evli Bank’s real estate investment management operations”, he continues. “Furthermore it highlights the recent expansion of our investment management focus to include the Nordic countries.”

Meanwhile, the BPT brand enjoys strong recognition within the property management sectors in its home markets covering the Baltics, Poland, and Russia. Therefore Northern Horizon Capital’s property management business (already known as BPT Real Estate Services) will retain the familiar BPT brand.

“BPT Real Estate Services has a long experience in managing the most diversified real estate portfolio in the Baltic States and we are widely known as one of the leading property management organizations in the region. We are excited at the opportunity of further advancing our position as an innovative and agile pioneer that we have always been at heart”, states the Managing Director of BPT Real Estate Services, Indrek Hääl.

The Northern Horizon Capital investment management team comprises of more than 40 and the BPT Real Estate employs around 70 professionals.

For further information please contact:
Michael Schönach, Group CEO
Tel.: +358 40 356 0909, E-mail: michael.schonach@nh-cap.com

Indrek Hääl, CEO of BPT Real Estate
Tel.: +372 50 435 55, E-mail: indrek.haal@bptre.com