One of the largest solar power station in Tallinn to be built on the roof of Piirita Keskus


Construction works of a solar power station on the roof of Piirita Keskus, managed by BPT since the beginning of 2017, are due to begin. At the time of its completion, it will become one of the largest solar power stations in Tallinn.

The decision to build the station came about as a result of different circumstances coming together, allowing for the station to be built as a clearly profitable and necessary investment. For the owner of Piirita Keskus, Baltic Horizon Fund, the use of renewable energy produced at the place of consumption is important. The electricity produced by the solar panels will be used to compensate for the increase in electrical load of cooling compressors during sunny hours. The station will also allow for the price of electricity produced within, to be fixed for a period of at least 25 years.  Added value is provided by the association of the status of Piirita Keskus, as a shopping centre offering positive emotions and close proximity to the beach, with the sun and the energy obtained from the sun.

The solar power station will have a capacity of 50 kW, making it one of the largest solar power stations in Tallinn at the time of its completion. Panels will be installed on the flat roof of Piirita Keskus – on metal frames and with a ballast load – all without ruining the integrity of the historical building’s roof.  The pay-back period for the station is 7 years and a total of nearly 200 solar panels will be installed on two different sections of the building’s roof.

Piirita Keskus, a convenience centre for local residents, is located in the historical building constructed to house the press centre for the 1980 Olympics, in which the Piirita District Administration was operating as recently as last year. During the course of renovation works in 2016, the building received a new function, interior, and appearance. Architect Priit Kaljapulk preserved the building’s light and open summery appearance. Terraces and rooms opening towards the sun can be enjoyed in particular during the warmer months of the year. The centre is home to a number of different catering establishments, shops and service providers. Key tenants of the building are Rimi Supermarket and the MyFitness sports club.