New Head of Brokerage in BPT Estonia


We are pleased to announce that Urmo, who has ensured the high quality and development of our commercial real estate brokerage service since 2016, is now officially the Head of Brokerage at BPT Estonia. To celebrate this occasion, we conducted a brief interview with him which you can find below.

Why do you do this job?
Intensive work, such as commercial real estate brokerage, needs very strong commitment. In order to keep going and be successful, one must really, really love the job and be a fan of the work. I have been lucky to do the work I love and when driving to work on Monday mornings I think: “a new week is finally starting – new people, meetings, buildings, and so on”.

Why BPT Real Estate?
BPT is an international and respectable company focusing solely on commercial real estate – this is the right place to be in order to prosper in this sector.

What will be the focus of your work?
Development of commercial real estate brokerage services, mainly the represention of the property owner and the tenant and the expansion of the brokerage department in Estonia.

What distinguishes BPT’s brokerage team from an ordinary broker?
We advise the property owner and the tenant throughout the process and help them make the right decisions and choices to achieve the best possible outcome.